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WTH! This Indian Honey Collector Stuffs Live Bees In His Mouth Just Like That

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Get ready for some real weird and shocking stuff. And if you cannot digest unusual stuff then better stay away.

Suk Mohammad Dalal, from West Bengal, India, has been collecting honey for the last 16 years. But he’s known for something entirely different reason. He just stuffs honey bees in his mouth for no reason.

Interestingly, he had previously worked as a doctor’s assistant and should probably know the risk of what he his doing. However, he has managed to develop resistance towards bee stings over the years. But it still makes people wonder why does he have to do such a thing.

Explaining his career shift, Suk said: “Since I live in a village, I would often come across honeycombs containing a good amount of honey.

“One day while walking past, I thought what if I start collecting honey and sell them, I could easily make a living out of it. That is how it started.”

Anyway let’s hope he stays safe and gets rid of this weird habit for his own good. You can watch the video below at your own risk.