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Mom-Daughter Duo Make £120,000 By Selling Raunchy Pictures Online

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A woman named Beth Spiby, who makes £120,000 a year from her nudes has an interesting story to narrate.

Making that sort of money is obviously great, but what surprised people was the fact that her own mother was taking her nude pics that were sold online. Now, that’s a partnership not many would think of.

The 22-year-old woman used to work at Marks & Spencer before teaming up with her mother. She has now accumulated large number of fans online who are ready to pay for her images.

She said: “When I first started she used to take them every day. Initially it was my mum who took all the pictures – even the raunchy ones.

“It was in underwear and topless. It became more explicit the more comfortable I got.

“Whenever I need an extra photo she is happy to get the camera out and take a pic.

“Obviously she doesn’t do anything too explicit, because that would be crossing the line.”

Beth says she now employs someone to manage her website, with her duties mainly comprising of satisfying odd requests and withdrawing cash as and when she pleases.

She said: “She posts the pictures and replies to the message for me. I don’t really have to do anything to do with the website. I pay someone to do it for me. It’s quite ideal.

“They can message me, and tip me extra if they think I deserve it, and buy personal videos.

“It’s totally naked. I use toys. I do solo strip teases here and there. Whatever the customers want.

“I do videos in the shower. I have been quite explicit before. I would do dildo reviews and I would use different dildos on camera and review them.

“People can request things. Some people like it if I moan their name for example.

“I just draw out the money when I want it, every three or four days.”

As for how she spends the money, Beth said most of it goes on shopping.

She said: “I’ve spent a lot of it. I think I bought the same pair of trainers in 12 colours. They were Adidas. They were awful to be honest.”

What do you think of this story and more importantly about the combination of mother and daughter?