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Research Claims Smoking Can Impact The Size Of Your Erection

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According to experts, smoking can actually have a negative impact on the size of your erection. Now, that’s the kind of news most of the men never wanted to hear.

Al though, there is no standard ‘normal size’, according to research from BJU International, the average pe*is comes in at about 5.2 inches and has a girth of 4.6 inches.

The experts explained that there are number of lifestyle factors that can impact the erectile firmness in men. However, Mary Samplaski, MD, urologist and the director of male infertility at the University of Southern California, says it’s hard to determine causes of male shrinkage but smoking is one which has been found to have an effect.

She said: “There’s not really a medical tool for measuring penis shrinkage. What we do know is that smoking and age can cause a decline in testosterone production.”

Apparently, cigarettes contain toxins that can damage the blood vessels in the organ down there.

During a study in 1998 boffins at Boston University of Medicine examined the erect penises of 200 men and discovered that those men who were smokers were some way off from those who didn’t.

The piece of research concluded that smoking inhibits blood flow to your genitals, stopping the penis from stretching.

But it’ not just smoking that can see a reduction on the size of your old fella, apparently exercise is also to blame – for a short while at least.

Dr Richard Honaker, chief medical officer at Your Doctors Online said: “It all has to do with blood flow.

“When working out, the body sends blood to the muscles and joints, thus reducing the amount to the penis and scrotum.”

It doesn’t mean you have to quit on your fitness routine, in fact, the effect is only temporary and exercising could have a positive impact in the long run.

Dr Samplaski advises men to exercise at least three times a week to increase their levels of testosterone, helping to remove plaque which can calcify and prevent blood vessels from stretching.

She also warns obesity is a big factor in causing a lack of size in the trouser department, as fat contains an enzyme which turns testosterone into estrogen – eventually causing erectile issues and testicular shrinkage.