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The Pe*is Festival Attract Thousands Who Just Watched On The Parade

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Thousands of people in Japan gathered on the streets of Japan during the Pe*is festival, while holding giant pe*ises.

The Honen-sai festival is an annual event that attracts crowds onto the streets to watch on as the procession of larger than life structures of man pass by. But, this is a serious business and before the celebration begins, priests scatter salt along the road to purify the route.

The festival takes place on every March and people come together in the Aichi Prefecture and make their way to Komaki to participate in the festival. The spotlight was on the huge 400kg pe*is carved out of Japanese cypress.

The heavy piece of kit, which boasts an enviable 100cm circumference, is then offered to a shrine and prayers are made asking for a good harvest and fertility for these men.

When it was first carved, the todger was much smaller and attached to a samurai statue – but over the years has grown larger and larger and now stands at an impressive 2.5 metres.

Meanwhile, the visitors pay their respects by giving it a peck on the tip. The festival reportedly began in 1977 but could date back as far as the 17th Century, with its roots in a grim tale of a sharp-toothed demon who apparently fell in love with a beautiful woman.

However, the demon doesn’t take rejection too well and robs her lovers of their old man in a series of pretty gruesome ways.

It’s only when a blacksmith forges a steel penis and breaks the demon’s teeth, that he is defeated.

The visitors also get to enjoy some live music from a band of Shinto, drink as much as they want, or consume chocolate dipped bananas. Also, they can pick up mementos from the strange day.