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This Crazy Adult Themes Golf Course Will Take You On A Fun Ride

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If you are the one for weird and crazy stuff, then you will just love this. This new course in Derby, UK, will just draw your attention right away.

The golf course named the ‘House of Holes’, is now open, but only for adults and there is a reason for it. It is not just any other golf course, but the one with an adult theme that features s*x dolls as obstacles.

A description of the course on the House of Holes website reads: “House of Holes is Derby’s very first ‘Adult’ mini golf venue! Boasting 18 individually designed holes with themes ranging from retro bowling alleys to shop mannequins and the outright obscene, there’s no shortage of things to see!”

The business, located in Babington Lane, is run by Simon Liu and Daniel Doctzan, who reused several items in the former ballroom and nightclub when refitting it as a raunchy golf course.

Mr Doctzan said the venue was strictly child-free in order to allow adults to embrace the ‘kid inside them’.

He said: “It’s an 18-plus venue. We have quite a lot of explicit things around. But the point is that we want to let the adults relax and play golf. When you are playing crazy golf with children around, you can’t be the kid you are.

“Everyone has a kid inside them and they like to express that sometimes.”

So, if you are looking for some naughty stuff with entertainment, then this gold course is the place to be.