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Armed Shooter Interrupts YouTuber Adam22 During Live Stream

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YouTuber Adam22 just escaped death when an armed shooter attacked him during live stream in his LA store. In the video, Adam was about to eat some takeout food when the man breaks in and points a gun directly at his head. The shooter who was reportedly trying to rob the store was eventually knocked out by the bouncers.

Adam22, real name Adam John Grandmaison, is a YouTube personality, and the founder and presenter of hip hop-oriented YouTube channel, No Jumper. The channel currently has more than 2.6million subscribers and focuses on interviews with underground artists and tastemakers.

However, Adam22 is unperturbed by the incident and said that he would be back in business once the police had left.

Just minutes before the attack, he was discussing about fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson’s comments about his cat.

The controversial influencer made a ‘joke’ back in 2015, in which he made some graphic and frankly pretty gross sexual comments about his pet cat. When the episode of the podcast that he made the joke on resurfaced this weekend, he had to issue an apology to his 7.94m followers.

It’s not the first time Dawson has had to apologise for saying something weird and downright wrong, having previously called a six-year-old girl ‘sexy’.

Despite having a near-death experience, Adam was able to make a joke about Dawson’s latest faux pas. Check out his tweet below:

Nevertheless, it all ended well without any casualties and hopefully, we will see Adam22 back in action as soon as possible.