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Unknown ‘Fallstreak’ Hole Becomes A Cause For Concern In UAE

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People in the United Arab Emirates were clueless about what they were seeing in the sky when a mysterious fallstreak appeared out of nowhere.

The clip of the eerie celesetial scenes was shared by Twitter by Ibrahim Al Jarwan, who is reportedly an astrologer and meteorologist.

Meanwhile, the citizens were confused with the footage, which was captured near the border with Oman – in which you can see a large, circular patch of sky emerging from heavy cloud.

Roughly translated, the tweet was captioned: “This rare and beautiful phenomenon was seen this morning in Al Ain City [and is] called ‘holepunch cloud’ or ‘fallstreak phenomenon hole’.”

While one Twitter user joked that it looked like the hole had been caused by an extraterrestrial UFO, another said it looked as if ‘God had thrown a stone into a lake’.

Thankfully, a ‘fallstreak hole’ or ‘holepunch cloud’ isn’t anywhere near as scary as it sounds. Apparently, it is formed when part of the cloud layer forms ice crystals that are large enough to fall as a ‘fallstreak’.

“They form in clouds of supercooled water droplets, water below 0°C but not yet frozen,” the Met Office website explains.

“These water droplets need a tiny particle, a nucleus, to freeze or to be cooled below -40°C.

“Aircraft punching through this cloud layer can cause air to expand and cool as it passes over the aircraft wings or propeller.

“This change in temperature can be enough to encourage the supercooled droplets to freeze and fall from the cloud layer in this distinctive pattern.”