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Young Girl Loses Life After Due To Electrocution After Her Mobile Phone Was Dropped In The Bath

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In an unfortunate incident, a young girl lost her life after her phone was dropped in the bath and was electrocuted.

Yulia Vysotskaya, 14, was trying to charge her phone but the device before the device slipped out of her hands and fell into the water.

According to reports, the medical notes on the death claim the schoolgirl died from drowning after suffering a massive electric shock at her home in Cheboksary, Russia.

One news outlet said Yulia’s devastated parents called an ambulance, but added: “Paramedics were only able to register the schoolgirl’s death and take her body to the morgue.”

This is however, not the first case. Earlier two similar incident were reported in the country – all involving girls.

Yet despite public warnings from experts about the deadly risks of using smartphones in the bath, it continues to happen, with one expert claiming that the risks are like ‘Russian roulette’.

In light of the three deaths, experts have issued warnings, urging people to take more care when using their smartphones.

Electronics engineer Andrey Stanovsky warned: “Relaxing in a bathroom with your mobile phone plugged is like playing Russian roulette.”

Yury Agrafonov, the head of radio-electronic department of Irkutsk State University, said the latest tragedy could have been prevented.

He said: “Water is a good conductor. This is why there was a short circuit when the phone fell into the water.

“If the phone had not been plugged in to 220 volts, the tragedy would not have happened.”