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Detective Gets Thrown Out Of Force After Farting On Shift And Using Inappropriate Language

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A female detective was dismissed for farting while on work and using foul language. Claire Fitzpatrick, 44, Detective Constable, used the word ‘c**t’ on shift and also asked a junior member of the staff if he wanted to have an affair with a ‘fatter, ugly, older woman’. She then asked a female colleague whether she had any ‘cream for thrush’ while in the station.

She confessed about farting outside a sergeant’s office but maintained that it was not intentional. During a disciplinary hearing that her bad language was just part of a ‘culture of banter’ at the station.

The mum-of-two said: “I would joke about it. Sometimes I would speak like the character Borat or use a silly voice to say: ‘Rather out than in’.”

However, the fact that she had 25 counts of inappropriate behaviour didn’t help her and she was eventually dismissed from the Gwent police force where she had worked for 22 years.

At the hearing in Cwmbran, South Wales she told the panel that the word ‘c**t’ had replaced the word ‘fuck’ as her ‘swear word of choice’.

The hearing was told that Fitzpatrick once arrested a motorist and told him: “You’re driving like a c**t’.

She said: “The officer with me said: ‘Sergeant, you can’t say that to him’.”

“I took a deep breath with my head in my hands and said I’m sorry to the driver.”

Nick Gedge, who represented Fitzpatrick, told the panel she had never faced allegations of misconduct before, adding: “She would often make herself the butt of the jokes to jolly along an atmosphere as it were.”

Fitzpatrick’s colleagues described her as having a ‘unique sense of humour’ and being ‘crude with her comments’. An email from a colleague told Fitzpatrick to ‘apply the filter occasionally’.

The hearing also heard that the team was short-staffed and could be seen as’difficult to manage’.

Fitzpatrick admitted to the panel she had used foul language but said she hadn’t used it in a demeaning way.

“When you read these allegations, you hang your head in embarrassment and shame,” she said.

“You read that and you almost gasp and go: ‘Who is this individual’.

“Having hit this position that I’m in has made me realise how much I need to change. How much I need to be a better person.”

Following the hearing, Fitzpatrick was dismissed.

A spokesperson for the force said: “The allegations were found proven and panel decided that the officer would be dismissed without notice.”