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Notorious Gang To Protect Worshippers After Devastating Attack In Christchurch

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The Waitkato Mongrel Mob has pledged to protect the worshippers by standing outside a mosque in New Zealand after terror attack in Christchurch that rocked the country.

Gang president Sonny Fatu said that he and his men will be there to safeguard the worshippers inside the Jamia Masjid Mosque in Hamilton.

He told: “We will support and assist our Muslim brothers and sisters for however long they need us.

‘We were contacted by a representative who tagged me in and said some of our Muslim brothers and sisters have fears for Friday during their prayer, and the question was posed whether we could be apart of the safety net for them to allow them to pray in peace without fear.”

Waikato Muslim Association president Dr Asad Mohsin said he’s appreciative of the pledge of support.

While the gang won’t be armed, they will be out in force to ensure there isn’t a repeat of Friday’s terror attacks at two mosques.

Meanwhile, the Waitkato Mongrel Mob were seen consoling people outside the Hagley college in Christchurch at the same event as Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Ms Ardern also spoke with families who are trying to locate missing relatives after the disturbing event.

“This is not the New Zealand they know,” she said after the event.

“This is not the New Zealand that has welcomed them and that it is not a reflection of the New Zealand they know, and that sentiment came through very strongly.”

As well as speaking with the families of the dead, the Prime Minister spoke to survivors from the attack. The two mosques were full as the attacks occurred just after Friday prayers had started.

The shooting was allegedly carried out by far-right terrorist Brenton Tarrant.

Tarrant – an Australian citizen – live-streamed the heart-breaking video as he went on a killing spree. He was then arrested by police afterwards along with three other people.