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Train Guard Offers Free Ride To Woman To Visit Sick Daughter In Hospital

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This is one such story that will lighten up your day and make you feel good about the world we are living in. These are the kind of stuff that we must be hearing more often than not.

A kind gesture by one of the Northern Rail’s conductors has been appreciated by people. The conductor decided to let a woman travel for free to visit her daughter in hospital.

Rachel Broadway, 41, has to make the 70-mile round trip from Retford, Nottinghamshire, to Sheffield up to five times a week to see her four-month-old daughter Ocean, who is being cared for in a neo-natal ward – at a cost of about £500 per month.

The mother gave birth to twins back in December 2018, while Ocean’s brother is healthy and living in the family home, the daughter is being treated for a rare disease that affects the intestine of premature infants.

The condition is called necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), which means tissues in the intestine become inflamed and start to die. Symptoms include vomiting, problems with feeding, and a swollen, tender abdomen.

Apart from the medical costs, the mother had to shell out money for her regular trip. She was being checked by a conductor called Emma. As she came across the woman on frequent basis, Emma asked Rachel about her journey. Upon learning the situation, the conductor decided to do her bit.

She spoke to her manager, who made arrangements for Rachel to receive free travel on the train route until Ocean is out of hospital.

In an emotional Facebook post, Rachel said: “I am absolutely pleased with their humanity – so much love from me and thanks to them for their kindness.

“This now means that I can see Ocean every day rather than just the five – it will save a lot of money along the way. It’s been such a difficult few months for me and the kids, so this has raised our spirits so much.

“Emma, you are one in a million and I am in tears of gratitude.”

After Rachel managed to locate Emma on Facebook, the pair have remained in touch. Four-month-old Ocean has recently had her third operation and it’s hoped she will be allowed home soon.