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Former Drug Addicts Give Up On Their Habit, Turn Into Gym Junkies And Get Married In The Gym

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This is how you should make the best out of life when you get a second shot at it. Two former drug addicts proved just that with their remarkable turnaround in life.

Daniel Butler and Andi Nevue got married beside the treadmills at Church Fitness in Las Cruces, New Mexico, the United States and even managed to have a quick session even on the big day.

Daniel,33, a mechanic, and Andi, 36, a student, both were once addicted to a $200 crystal meth drug. But thanks to work-outs and exercise, they have made it back and are now clean.

Andi said: “It’s been a home away from home for us and it has helped us maintain our sobriety.

“It is a good way to release your energy and stress. Instead of turning to substances for an escape, we find it through physical activity.

“We go six times a week, it’s an important part of our relationship.”

Meanwhile, gym’s manager, Keith Smith, 41, became an ordained minister to officiate the ceremony.

Daniel and Andi met in April 2014 through mutual friends, and though they were madly in love, the pair were also both battling drug addiction.

Daniel said meth took over their lives.

“It was a daily habit, we were smoking it all day, every day. I was probably spending around $200 a day on drugs for us both.

“All I did was work 24/7 to support our habit. I didn’t have time for family or for my relationship.

“Meth took over our lives.”

He even got arrested for possession of drug and spent six months in prison in Dona Ana County jail. But the couple finally managed to get sober together and have been going to the gym six days a week ever since, in a bid to lead healthier lives.

Andi said: “The gym was where we got to spend time together and kept our relationship alive.”

The couple moved back in together in October 2018 and Andi proposed to Daniel at Christmas.

She said: “I proposed in front of our family over Christmas break. I bought Daniel a Denver Broncos mug and hid the ring inside of it.

“When he opened it, our son Liam said: ‘Will you marry my mummy?’

“He said ‘yes’ immediately. He had been trying to find an elaborate way to propose to me but I got sick of waiting.”

The couple will celebrate two years sober this June and say they are excited to work out together for years to come.

Daniel said: “Exercise will always be a massive part of our lives. We go to the gym all the time and we’ve got no plans to stop now.”

Hopefully, their wonderful recovery story will help those who are going through same addiction problems in their lives.