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Woman Has Sickening Experience After Watching Live Hardcore S*x On Set

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A woman who was participating in a documentary was violently sick after she watched hardcore porn on the set.

In the series – Mums Make Porn – a group of mums decide that they’re not happy with the kind of porn their kids were exposed to and hence they set out to make their own. Wanting to encourage healthier attitudes towards sex, the five mums get on to researching what’s already out there.

One of the parents, beautician Sarah Louise, was horrified with the violent acts that she saw.

Speaking at a screening of the series, she explained: “It was a very small room, there was quite a lot of people. So unless you’ve got a ‘scratch and sniff telly’, you won’t get the experience that we got.

“It was really hot, there was a bit of a whiff going on and it felt a lot longer than 20 minutes.”

She goes on to shed a little bit more light on what it was that she saw that knocked her sick.

“It was quite aggressive, you don’t get to see the content, and it really turned my stomach. I don’t do gristle and her flicking bodily fluids…

“For me, it’s such a difference – I do pageants, peace and puppies and then this is like penises and p*****s! Completely different from what I’m used to.”

It was apparently so bad that one of them, Jane, decided to leave the documentary. Sarah Louise said that even she was close to do the same, especially at one point that she describes as particularly ‘seedy’ – that much so that it actually put her off sex.

“Sometimes you felt as though you were in a place you didn’t want to be in,” she said.

“At one point, when we’d done the research and I’d got involved with my husband and it was really good and we’d kind of got a bit young again.

“And then I went on the set and I actually went to the Porn Awards and found it really seedy and at that point I actually went off sex. I didn’t want to have sex because I felt really dirty and I questioned why I was doing it.”

13 February 2019, Berlin: 69th Berlinale: Erika Lust (Sweden), erotic filmmaker and director, at Hau2 as part of an interview. Photo: Jörg Carstensen/dpa

The group did end up seeing a less extreme side of the industry though, when they went to Barcelona to film with Erika Lust, an alternative porn director who aims to promote feminism within porn.

“It showed us a totally different side,” one of the other mums, Anita explained. “It showed us what, as a group, could be possible and helped us to expand our dreams and our hopes in comparison to what we’d seen before.”

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