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Doctors Looking For Answers After Baby Is Born With Twin Growing Inside Her

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Doctors in Columbia were amazed after a baby was born with a twin growing inside her. The girl is an example for something called as a ‘foetus in foetu’ birth.

The bizarre incident took place way back in 1808 and has not been reported on many occasions since then. Itzamara was born on February 22, but soon the medical staff had to remove a tiny 45-millimetre twin from within her through keyhole surgery.

However, the twin didn’t have a beating heart, nor a brain and weighed just 14 grams. Monica Vega, the baby’s mom, revealed that something was inside her unborn daughter’s abdomen after seven months of her pregnancy.

Apparently, the twin was growing inside its own amniotic sac – the fluid-filled sac that is normally there to keep a foetus safe whilst inside it gestates inside its mother’s womb – with an umbilical cord, and arms and legs.

Doctors believe that this could be the very first case of foetus in foetu being diagnosed during the pregnancy.

Dr Miguel Parra said: “I have never heard of anything like this in my entire life. I really did not expect this to happen.”

The medical staff made the decision not to allow Monica’s baby daughter to reach full term before delivering her. That decision was taken so that the foetus growing inside her would not continue to do so.

If it had been left, then it could have led to permanent damage to the organs of the healthy baby.

Fortunately, Itzamara was delivered safely after 37 weeks and is now healthy. According to reports such sceneriois occur only out of every 200,000 pregnancies.

It is to do with embryo division. If the embryo divides after two weeks, it is more likely that the siblings will be conjoined. However, in this case the embryo divided after 17 days.