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Plastic Awareness Campaign To Protect Sea Life ‘Disturbs’ Social Media

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We all know that plastic is hazardous to nature and it is our responsibility to minimise the use of single use plastics. It should also be made sure that nothing gets into the oceans as it can create a havoc for sea creatures.

Studies have revealed that tiny organisms in seas consume micro-plastics and plastic material that can be dangerous to their life.

Ocean conservationist group Sea Shepherd released several images as part of the campaign to throw light on the impact of plastic on marine life. The caption says: “The plastic you use once, tortures the oceans forever.”

The photos of different sea creatures like seals and turtles with bags over their heads surfaced internet and it is quite disturbing to say the least. Although, they are computer generated, the struggle is real.

However, the campaign has received mixed response, with some praising the concern while others claiming it to be harsh.

One person wrote: “By the heavens, Shepherd, this is a horribly frightening pic. The reality is even worse, I know but still, that pic is a massive kick in the guts.”

Another said: “Such a disturbing image!”

A different social media user questioned whether it was effectively getting the message across, commenting with: “Entanglement is happening, but is it justifiable to anthropomorphise with imagery of human torture when arguably it’s not intentionally inflicted on marine life with the purpose of causing pain.”

Some people were worried images like these would only desensitise people to animal death and make them care less.

Recently, a massive dead whale was discovered to have more than 40kg of plastic in its stomach.

So, what do you think about the whole campaign and their approach?