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Hilarious! Two Rabbits Having S*x Takes Away Limelight From Serious Horse Race

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While people were glued to the horse race, as the horses were fighting it out in the middle, two rabbits interrupted the flow and took everybody by surprise. The fact that they were caught doing the dirty deed made it more interesting.

The pair got caught up in the 6:45pm horse race at Dundalk in Ireland just as the gee-gees were reaching the closing stages of the race.

Luckily, they were able to make a quick escape from the speeding horses. They moved swiftly to safety and probably looked for a safer spot.

Colin Keane, who rode the runner-up, told: “I was coming inside the final furlong, hoping my lad was coming to win his race, and then he started pricking his ears and I didn’t know what he was at.

“Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something. I thought it was a cat to be honest with you. Invasion Day definitely spotted them before I did!”

People have taken to social media to comment on the event, with one person dubbing it the ‘worst date ever’.

Another said: “These two rabbits have obviously taken note of the ‘free will’ statements from the BHA and hence have decided that they’ll do it wherever they want!”

Someone else added: “Could not believe it when I was watching very funny Hare today gone tomorrow obviously earnt a few bucks have a great day be lucky and above all be safe.”