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Hundreds Airlifted To Safety After Cruise Ship Was Stranded Amid Rough Seas

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Hundreds of tourists who were supposed to enjoy their journey on the cruise ship in the West Coast of Norway, were lucky enough to end up on the shore. The ship was caught in the rough seas as things looked dangerous for tourists.

The Viking Sky lost power on Saturday amid rough seas and sent out a mayday signal as it drifted towards rocks.

Fisherman Jan Erik Fiskerstrand – whose boat was among the first to arrive to rescue the stranded ship, said that the ship could have smashed into rocks ‘if they had not started the engine and fastened the anchor’ and that the rescue occurred ‘just minutes before this could have gone really wrong’.

The footage taken from inside the ship looked like a scene from a Hollywood move as the furniture started to move around.

Almost 500 of the 1,373 passengers, most of whom are British or American, have been airlifted from the Viking Sky thus far. At least 17 of the airlifted passengers have been taken to hospital with injuries.

Three of the four engines in the ship has been restarted and is now being guided towards the nearest port in Molde with the assistance of tug boats.

The cruise ship was headed towards Stavanger from Tromso when the incident happened. Derek Browne, who was airlifted with his wife Esther, said it was a ‘frightening experience’.

He said: “During the night, the sea was very rough. The boat rolled and rolled. And then we went to breakfast. And then we were going for the afternoon film show, and then the lights suddenly went out.

“We were airlifted on the helicopter, which was quite a frightening experience.”

Meanwhile, former South African Cricket team skipper, Graeme Smith thanked those who rescued his parents who were in the ship.

Watch the footage below: