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Dude Gulps In 2.5 Litres Of Milk At Airport To Make Sure He Doesn’t Waste It

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A Chinese student surprised people at the airport in Australia, after he was stopped by the security for carrying a huge jug of milk.

The man from Zhengzhou, was walking in the airport with a three-litre milk bottle, which was partly consumed. However, he was blocked by the officials at the checkpoint, who told him that he had violated the 100ml hand luggage liquid restriction.

Unlike, most of the travellers, he didn’t just leave it behind. This man knows the value of money and decided to drink the remaining 2.5 litres of milk in the bottle.

The incident was captured by his friend, who said that they just bought some milk because it was cheaper to buy in Australia than their native China.

“It’s way cheaper to buy milk in Australia than in China,” the man, surnamed Nan, told. “It’s cheaper than getting water there!” he added.

According to reports, Aussie supermarkets have been selling milk at AUD $1 (£0.54 / US $0.70) a litre, but milk in China – particularly imported products – can cost up to 60 yuan (£6.84 / US $8.94) per litre, while locally produced milk usually costs around 11 yuan (£1.25 / US $1.63) to 13 yuan (£1.48 / $1.93) a litre.

“We were not allowed to bring the milk on the flight, so my friend decided to drink all of it at the airport,” Mr Nan said.

“I’ve never seen him drink so much milk before,” he added.

Looks like he will be having enough protein in him for a few days now. You can watch the video of him downing the milk below.