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21 YO TV Star Angers Her 74 YO Lover After Faking Sexual Moves On Washing Machine

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A 74-year-old reality star was fuming after he saw her young 21-year-old lover simulating sex on top of a washing machine with another guy. Milojko ‘Mikan’ Bozic and his lover Milijana Bogdanovic, star in Serbian reality show ‘Parovi’ (which translates as ‘Couples’).

The presenters recently gave them a new washing machine to take into the ‘Big Brother’ kind of house. As soon as the machine was brought inside, Milijana went to sit on it and immediately called Milojko to join her.

However, another contestant Mladen Vuletic intervened and started to simulate s*x with her. As expected, it didn’t go down too well with Milojko and rushed towards the host of the show and told her he was going to sleep.

He reportedly said: “I have my own washing machine, and you all can fuck here!”

The drama comes after Milijana revealed earlier that the couple have previously had sex on a washing machine.

She once reportedly said: “We often have sex, and the most unusual place where we made love was the washing machine.”

Milijana has also claimed previously that she and her 74-year-old fiance have sex ‘almost every day’ – without the need for viagra.

She said: “We have sex almost every day, I don’t see what is strange with that. But since Mikan had his heart operation, I have to go easy on him in bed.

“But he is like a young man when it comes to sex, he doesn’t need viagra. Although, I don’t know much about younger men, as I’ve always been with men older than me.”

Milijana added that it was Milojka’s looks which attracted him to her, saying: “I don’t like young guys, I’ve liked older men since forever.

“For his years, he looks perfect. I don’t care what other people think and say. I’ve known Mikan all my life – my neighbours and I used to help him when he was sick. That’s when our love was born.”

Smitten Milojko – who has three kids aged 40, 35 and 30, and two grandchildren aged 13 and 11 – added: “I was attracted to her kindness and beauty. Who doesn’t like younger? It’s more sexy of course, kissing and everything else.

“I’ve known her since she was little, but I hadn’t thought of anything like that. When she was growing up, we spent time together but nothing more.”

The couple plan to marry in a registry office in September after their local church told them that they would not marry couples with an age gap of more than 15 years.