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Student Lands In Jail After Trying WWE Star Randy Orton’s RKO On Headteacher

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In a shocking incident, a student in the US was arrested after he tried RKO wrestling move on his headteacher. RKO is the popular wrestling move of Randy Orton.

Eighteen-year-old Gianny Sosa was charged with attacking his headteacher at Southridge Senior High School. The footage of the incident was captured on mobile phones and school surveillance cameras.

Speaking after he was released from jail on bond, Sosa said: “What I did, it wasn’t intentional. I wasn’t trying to hurt nobody.

“I understand he had to use some force ’cause he might be worried, but the situation escalated when he took me into a private classroom with no cameras and continued to use force.”

He also said that he and his teacher had joked around before as well. Sosa’s sister Camila also came out in her brother’s defence, and said: “He did tell all of us he was just going to hug the principal. He wasn’t going to harm him in any way and if he really wanted to harm the principal in any wayhe would have to do the RKO move from a distance. Like you just can’t walk up to somebody and grab him by the neck and drop him.”

During Sosa’s first court appearance on Thursday morning, defence attorney Roy Ugarte referred to the arrest report as ‘hands down one of the most insane’ he’d ever seen.

He also explained the difference between pro-wrestling – like WWE – and Greco-Roman wrestling, pointing out that one is staged for entertainment purposes.

He added: “He [Sosa] should have been placed in detention and not arrested.”

Meanwhile, Sosa’s brother Mike told that the charges were too harsh. “It feels like he’s being charged with something he does not deserve,” he said. “My brother is a nice guy and all he wanted was play around and make people feel happy about themselves.”

He added: “My brother is not the type of guy who goes out like this and is not a thug on the streets.”

A statement from the Office of Communications for Miami-Dade Schools read: “Miami-Dade County Public Schools works diligently to cultivate a safe learning and working environment for students and staff.

“It’s unfortunate that anyone would instigate a situation for self-promotion that could bring harm to others. Instances of disruptive and threatening behaviour will be handled swiftly and result in severe consequences.

“In addition to an arrest, the student’s lack of judgement will result in disciplinary actions in accordance with our Code of Student Conduct.”