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Priest Wife’s ‘Miss Sexuality’ Title Forces Him Out Of Cathedral

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A priest has been banned from entering cathedral after his wife won a beauty pageant called ‘Miss Sexuality’. Oksana Zotova, 32, is married to an Orthodox priest, Sergiy Zotov.

After the win, he has been kept away from giving services at the Magnitogorsk Orthodox Cathedral and has been moved to another parish in a tiny village about 45 miles from where he was based.

The priest must make his wife ‘repent’ before he can come back.

A representative of the church court, Father Feodor Saprykin, told Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda: “It is a great sin when the wife of a priest exposes herself like this.

“Father Sergiy Zotov will not go back to his previous place of service until his wife repents.

“What kind of priest is he, if he can’t manage his own family?

“How can he run the local church community?”

Meanwhile, the beauty therapist says that she has received death threats since the contest ended. Also, she says that despite the risqué name of the pageant, she is not at all ‘like that’.

She said: “I never wear too open clothes or a low neckline. I do not wear skirts that are too short.

“I put on shorts but only when on holidays.

“Of course, some people may get confused with my girlish style which is bright and unusual.”

She continued: “I am feeling ill from all this now.

“I am getting support from my family and friends.

“I am a calm person; I am not going to hide or to suffer depression.

“But this bullying affected all my family. I had to shut down my accounts in all social networks.”

One thing is for sure, people should stop with their death threats and abuse. It’s time people concentrate on their own life and do something more meaningful.