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Child Shocks Mother By Getting Rid Of Her Own fringe

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A mother was horrified to see her daughter chop off her own fringe as she was making arrangements to take her school photo taken.

Gemma Martins, 28, was in utter shock to see her daughter, Megan Wharry with the new look. Megan had accidentally chopped off her fringe. Her look resembled a character from the popular nineties film – Lloyd Christmas from the Dumb and Dumber franchise.

She was just 5-years-old when the incident happened. However, it has come back to haunt her after four years when Gemma purchased her school photo just days after the haircut.

Gemma purchased the photo to embarrass her child and even decided to share it with the internet for the first time.

She said: “I’d just got her hair cut into a nice bob with a fringe, all ready for her only second ever school photo.

“I left her watching TV, whilst I headed for a quick shower.

“But unbeknown to me, there were a pair of scissors on the draining board, and Megan wasn’t as big of a fan of the fringe as it was.

“I didn’t say anything when I saw her. I couldn’t – all I saw was the hair around her and I knew there was no way I could fix it.

“We had a fancy family meal and everyone just found it hilarious – we had to just let it grow out but I was cringing inside.”

While Megan’s mum was mortified at first, she decided to purchase the incriminating school photo as the perfect revenge.

Care assistant Gemma said: “I’m redecorating at the moment and I know which photo is going to be pride of place.

“I’ve got all of her school photos over the years, and they’ll all be hung on the wall, ready for all visitors to see.

“It’s most certainly one that will make an appearance at her 18th birthday.”

Megan said: “I’m so shocked and embarrassed that I did it, it was naughty and I still can’t believe it – the photo is awful.”

Looks like the girl has to deal with the photo for quite a few days and answer to people who will obviously be curious.