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Interesting! Woman Had No Clue About Her Pregnancy Until The Baby’s Head Popped Out

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A young woman didn’t realize she was pregnant and ended up giving birth in the bath at home. She was accused by her boyfriend of ‘finding the baby in the street’.

Yes, you are reading it right. Charlotte Dubard, from London, had sudden cravings for sugar and gained almost a stone. When she suffered from serious stomach cramps she decided to have a check-up.

She was speechless when she took a photo of her vagina using a phone. She saw her baby’s hair sprouting out. She then gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Elias. Obviously, the boyfriend found it hard to believe when he first heard the story.

She said: “When Miguel came home, he screamed ‘Oh my god you found a baby in the street’!”

“I started bawling and said ‘This is ours’.”

Charlotte and Elias were taken straight to the hospital and put in intensive care to make sure they were both ok.

She said: “It was only once we got to the hospital that I really registered what had happened.

“I was so traumatised from the birth I had barely registered Elias at all.

“But then when we were waiting for the doctor, Miguel said ‘Look he has your nose’ and that’s when I suddenly realised he was ours.”

She believes that she is lucky to have a healthy baby in spite of her smoking and drinking habits. She even worked for 14 hours during her mystery pregnancy.

She says she also carried on taking the contraceptive pill while pregnant and claims her periods remained normal during those nine months.

“I call him my miracle baby because he is so healthy after all I put him through.

“Also, so many things could have gone wrong with me giving birth alone but it all went remarkably smoothly.”

And going through the birth alone, nurses at the hospital said it could have ended very badly for Charlotte and Elias.

Charlotte added: “The midwives even asked me how I knew where to cut the umbilical cord because if I had done it wrong it could have been so dangerous.

“I have no idea how I knew exactly what to do, I guess instinct took over.”

Charlotte says she didn’t even tell her mum straight away.

She said: “I actually didn’t tell my mum right away because she was working and I knew she wouldn’t be able to finish her shift if I told her.

“I waited until the next day and she was so shocked.

“But my family have been so supportive. They’re very strict Catholics and they see Elias as a miracle. My grandmother says he is a little angel.”

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