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Asda’s Hilarious Sign Blunder Confuses Shoppers

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Welsh Asda sign accidentally advertises free alcohol instead of alcohol-free beer. Naturally, a lot of shoppers were confused and it can be assumed that a few were happy as they believed alcohol was being given for free.

Unfortunately, it was just a case of mix-up and people were left disappointed. It would have been a great offer indeed. In Asda supermarkets in Wales (and Ireland, too) shop signs are presented in two languages. On this occasion, Welsh and English.

Shoppers at the booze section were surprised thanks to mistranslation. A few had a bit of giggle after realizing the mistake. Alcohol am ddim literally translated means ‘alcohol for free’. The correct translation should be ‘di-alcohol’.

Guto Aaron, who posted a picture of the sign, said: “Get yourself to Asda, according to their dodgy Welsh translations they are giving away free alcohol!”

The branch was quick enough to fix the problem and removed the sign immediately from display.

To try to explain the event, whilst also offering up a bit of self-awareness, and Asda spokesperson said: “We would like to thank our eagle-eyed customers for spotting this mistake, we hold our hands up and will be changing the signs in our Cwmbran store straight away.

“Whilst there won’t be free alcohol in stores this Easter weekend, we still have some cracking deals for our customers.”

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Asda has made such an error. Back in 2012 a supermarket in Cardiff erected a sign to direct towards their disabled parking spaces. It read: “parcadh chiorramach a-mhain / disabled parking only”

The problem with that piece of signage was that it was in Scottish Gaelic, not Welsh. Common guys, stop doing it.