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Interesting!! ‘Extreme Embalming’ Allows Dead Bodies To Attend Their Own Funerals

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We have a really interesting and weird story for you, so sit back and just go through it. You might have come across all kind of trends lately, but nothing can beat this one.

A new trend called ‘extreme embalming’ is all set to go wild. Apparently, it lets dead bodies to be preserved and displayed in life-like scenarios so that friends and family can see them as they always did.

The trend featured in a documentary that was aired in a show called ‘Extreme Embalming’. The show revealed the increasing popularity of ‘lifelike’ funerals in the USA and the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. The show also had interviews with families and funeral directors.

The weird trend took off in Puerto Rico, before catching up with the likes of New Orleans and Ohio as a means of giving people more of a celebratory send-off.

Last August, the family of American socialite Mickey Easterling decided to go for the ‘extreme embalming’ approach for her memorial.

She was seen sitting down in her usual feather boa – a glass of Champagne in one hand, a cigarette in the other – just as she was known while alive.

Easterling had apparently told her daughter she wanted her memorial to be one last chance for her to throw a party, meaning she could be the glamorous hostess, even in her afterlife.

“It was a very nice party, actually,” funeral director Patrick Schoen told.

“She was kind of set back a little bit from us, almost like a stage setting, with orchids all around her to make it look like she was in a garden.

“She had a little bucket next to her with the champagne bottle in it, and a pink boa on her. Her hairdresser came and did her hair. She was in all her designer clothes.”

Another New Orleans resident, 18-year-old Renard Matthews, enjoyed a similar treatment for his funeral just months before.

After being fatally shot in June 2018 while walking his dog, Renard’s mother Temeka decided her son deserved a special, non-traditional send-off.

Renard was a big Bolton Celtics fan, the family made him sit in a chair in front of the TV playing NBA2K. He was not surprisingly wearing a Kyrie Irving Celtics jersey with matching socks, and also had a bag of Doritos and a root beer on the table beside him.