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Teacher Comes Up With An Emotional Apology After Having S*x With Three Students

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A teacher made an emotional apology after she was jailed for having s*x with three of her students. She asked the officials to facilitate her early release.

Brianne Altice, 39, was sentenced to jail for her act, while she was working in Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah. However, she cried and apologised at her parole hearing. She explained that she committed those crimes only because of her low self-esteem.

She said: “I am accountable for this. I did this. And with that knowledge comes growth.

“I apologise for the role I was supposed to play in their life and I know I didn’t. Now it’s part of their history they can’t erase.”

Back in 2015, the teacher was sentenced to between two and twenty years in jail for her actions, which included continuing to have a sexual relationship with one of the children even after she had been arrested and was on bail. She was denied release back in 2017.

At the hearing, she was presented with a letter that was written by one of her victims, but she initially refused to respond to it in order to give him the ‘final word’.

After a pause, she added: “I don’t want to justify, I don’t want to undermine any of his dealing or his experience. I think he has a right to state all this very eloquently.”

She further said that she has a full-time job in place if she is released. During her stay in the prison, she has been working with a group called Canines With A Cause, who help to pair up military veterans with dogs that have been left in shelters.

Atlice could be released before her term. However, if she were to serve her complete sentence, she would remain in prison until 2045.

She has also agreed to see a therapist after her potential release. The five-person board of parole – headed by Utah Pardon and Parole Board member Angela Micklos – is expected to make a decision on Altice’s future within the next two or three weeks.