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If You Can’t Make It, Then You Should Just Be Faking It

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Holidays are definitely a great way to deal with stress and rejuvenate yourself, but having said that it can be pretty expensive. And lately, holidays are not just for yourself, thanks to social media, you got to make people happy or jealous rather with the holiday pics. At least, that is what many people intend to do.

For those who want to look cool, you guys will be glad to hear this. A simple hack can make you look cool and all those likes on the virtual world.

A photo-editing service in Nebraska called Fake A Vacation has come to the rescue of people. All one needs to do is send in their photos and have exotic locations photoshopped into the background. Of course, anybody can do it, but very few can come up with the quality.

Check how the above picture has been brilliantly photoshopped for instance:

“Now you can fake a vacation and don’t have to be an expert,” the website says.

“No messing around with pictures, photo-editing, learning or worrying about perfection, leave that on us. The professionals in the industry for it.

“Get your vacation pictures delivered in your inbox and get ready to brag to your friends on where you went. We take care of everything from providing pictures to educating you about the destination.”

There are several destination packages to choose from (a sandy beach in Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, the famous ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada’ sign, the iconic Disneyland castle, that sort of thing) or you can even opt for a custom fake vacation picture package that’s ‘built exclusively for you’.

The price starts at $19.99, while a custom service will set you back $79.99. Though, most of us think that not many would indulge in something like this, a study has found that 14 percent of the 4000 American adults surveyed said they had lied to others about their fancy holidays.

Two-thirds also admitted to lying about the experiences – with the weather, quality of accommodations and amount of sightseeing the most common fibs – while 10 percent also went the extra mile by posting a fake image on social media.

“Even though it is probably more common than not in the US to have not holidayed abroad, Americans are clearly still feeling the need to appear as if they have travelled,” a Jet Cost spokesperson said.

“With the modern pressures of social media, people feel as if they have to prove themselves to others, which is a shame – but life isn’t a competition and just because someone says they’ve done something, doesn’t mean you’re less of a person for not having done it.”