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Sleeping With A Fan On For The Entire Night Can Actually Be A Bad Thing For You

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Now, this is not the kind of news not many of them would have wanted to hear. Especially, with the intense summer heating up. However, the facts can be denied and one which you are about to know is not a pleasing one.

Apparently, as a fan moves air around the room, it causes flurries of dust and pollen to make their way into your sinuses. Hence, if you are prone to asthma, hay fever, or any general allergies – the wind can actually be damaging. Add to that the dust the blades might have accumulated, which will only make it worse.

Another thing that is considered being a potential drawback to having cool air blasted in your direction is the dry skin it can cause.

The skin could be over dried when exposed to excessive amounts of time to air from a fan. And if you sleep with your eyes partially open you could also be at a disadvantage because your eyes will obviously be completely dried out which could cause irritation. Don’t even get me started on sleeping with your mouth wide open.

It can also be the reason for your stiff or sore muscles. The concentrated cool air can make muscles tense up and cramp. This problem is seen more in people who sleep with it near their face and neck.

However, there are certain reasons to sleep with the fan. Not only does it control the temperature, stop the bed covers sticking to your body and prevents you from waking up every few minutes it can also act as a white noise and circulate air better.

So, what’s your opinion on this?