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Woman’s Mistake Costs Her Almost £300 After She Accidentally Books Taxi From London To Newcastle

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This is a very unfortunate incident that has ended up costing the lady £275. It was just a simple error, but it will surely be a valuable lesson for the woman. She actually forgot to change her home address on Uber and booked a cab from London to Newcastle.

Helen Dryden had a great day out with her friends in London. And when it was time to return to home in Guildford, she used the Uber app to book her taxi. The woman who previously lived in Newcastle had completely forgot to change her address and the bad hangover didn’t help either as she fell asleep during the ride.

When she finally woke up an hour and 60 miles later, she obviously had a shocker in store. She then had to inform the driver of her mistake and he had to turn around and drive another 75 miles to get her home.

The adventurous journey finally ended with her shelling out £275.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Helen said. “The whole day ended up costing me about £400.

“I feel so embarrassed. I was a bit too drunk and just fell asleep.

“I was devastated when I woke up. I feel really stupid and completely ridiculous.

“I got too drunk. I’m supposed to be getting more responsible as I get older but it’s not happening so far.” Ain’t that the truth?

Helen had been out with a couple of mates in Shoreditch, but ended up having too much fun and missing the last train. Not wanting to splash out on a last-minute hotel room in the capital, which would have cost upwards of £100, she booked an Uber for what should have been a 30-mile trip costing £80.

The former Newcastle University student admits that she was too drunk to properly remember what she told the Uber driver when she got in – which is probably for the best, because if she’s anything like me she’ll have been giving him her life story – but does know she ended up having a little snooze.

Helen said: “I fell asleep as soon as I got in the taxi. I woke up at Milton Keynes and I couldn’t believe it.

“I thought I said I wanted to go to Guildford when I got in. But I can’t remember what his reply was.

“He woke me up and said ‘are you sure you want to go to Newcastle?’ I said ‘what, no! Why would I want to go to Newcastle?’

“I ended up getting home at about 4am. I take responsibility for it because I got too drunk.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this. I’m devastated by it. It’s too much money to comprehend.”

The woman didn’t even have the cash to pay because the card linked with her account has insufficient funds – meaning the payment won’t be processed until her pay day at the end of the month.

But the brave woman went out again after the incident and even ordered an Uber home, this time she had changed the address – a lesson learnt, indeed.

Meanwhile, an Uber spokesperson said: “We are currently looking into this issue.”