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7 YO Boy Sets Up Car Wash To Raise Funds And Buy Flowers For Nan’s Funeral

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In a touching act, a little boy named Ashton Murray set up a car washing service so that he can buy flowers for her funeral.

He told his parents that he wanted to start his own ‘truck wash’ to raise money and buy a bunch of flowers in memory of his favourite nan, Brenda Husband, who died earlier in the month at the age of 61.

He was supported by Dad Andy and mom Toni, to set up the venture at the side of their house in newbottle, Tyne and Wear, where he is offering his services for £2.

However, his parents have suggested to save the money to buy something for himself instead. Something his nan would also approve of.

Since popping up his sign, which includes the message ‘I’m seven’, Toni and Andy say they’ve been bowled over by the response from people.

Having posted the sign on his Facebook page, Andy says that Ashton has already cleaned a number of cars and currently has £100 saved up. His parents have said they plan on letting Ashton carry on with his car wash until around 5pm today and say they’re very proud of their little boy.

Andy said: “He said he decided he wanted to do a truck wash, in his own words, so he could raise the money for some flowers for his nanna’s funeral.

“I could not believe it. I gave him a big cuddle and ruffled his hair, I am so proud of him.

“We went straight to B&M and spent £20 on buckets, screen wash, everything.

“Straight away he was getting the felt tips and the cardboard to make signs. He told me what to write.

“He is definitely different, for a seven-year-old to come up with that rather than something for himself. It is lovely.

“Toni has been crying, people have been pulling up, it’s just mental. People have even been stopping to give buckets of sweets.”

He added: “We’ve since persuaded him to change his mind and that Nanna wouldn’t want him to waste the money on flowers. She would want to see him spend it on something he wanted.

“We’ve already got flowers all sorted out, but he wanted to do something on his own.

“We’ve been doing it for two days now and he’s only seven, so it’s great for someone that age to come up with something like this and do something for his own money.

“He made me put up an ad on Facebook when we didn’t get any customers in the first 15 minutes.

“We’ve since had hundreds and hundreds of comments from people and my phone hasn’t stopped beeping, so he’s over the moon.

“We are definitely very proud of him.

“One woman, who had a big Mercedes, stopped by the car wash and gave him £10 and didn’t even want her car washed. And people have been saying, ‘I wish my 21-year-old was like that.'”

Great going kid, keep rocking!!