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Abandoned Horse Collapses In Crowd Because Of Intense Heat

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These are the kind of stories that makes us feel low and something about the animals will make it even worse.

An abandoned horse collapsed in front of shocked crowds outside the Principality Stadium in Cardiff city centre. The animal was pictured on the ground outside the stadium, surrounded by concerned people. According to reports two people have been arrested after the incident.

A video shared to Twitter shows two women attempting to bring the pony to its feet and is captioned: “In Cardiff, Wales. I am so very sad. In front of the stadium watching this unfold.”

In some other photographs, a horse-drawn carriage can be seen next to where the animal fell with a handwritten sign stuck to it that read: “Free to a … home”.

The exhausted animal fell down after spending hours in the heat. Sandra Kvaerneng Stolp – from Swansea-based animal rescue centre Whispering Willows Sanctuary – was one of the helpers tasked with collecting the animal.

Speaking on a video that was posted to Facebook, she said: “We were called by the police. A horse had been down on Westgate Street for a couple of hours. It had collapsed on the road.

“We did what we could and we got her up and she’s now in the back. She’s munching on her hay, it was the hay that got her in the box.

“We don’t know how old she is. We’re now going to go home and call the vet out.”

South Wales Police has confirmed that arrests but Simon Evans, an RSPCA officer, explained to Wales Online that two people have been arrested on suspicion of offences under the Animal Welfare Act.

This is the second time the sanctuary were called out to help a horse over the Easter weekend. Earlier, a pony named ‘Gary’ collapsed in a Lidl car park and Sandra travelled to rescue him as well.

Meanwhile, a campaign has been started to save Gary, which has so far been backed by 5,000 people. Sandra Kvaerneng Stolp agreed to buy him from the owner for £2,000 ($2,599).