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Dan Bilzerian Receives Flak After His Deeding Bear Act At His Party

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Dan Blizerian is known for his acts and he posts some of the things he does which sometimes doesn’t go down too well with people.

Bilzerian has now been slammed for his act in a 4/20 party hosted by him. He posted a video that involved a bear. The video has a staggering 9.2 million views. In the video, he can be seen standing with the animal before feeding it as a group of women seem to enjoy what he was doing.

One person commented saying: “The amount of suffering this bear had to endure to submit to stupid tricks is absolutely heartbreaking. Pls educate yourself Dan, and once you have you can maybe use your platform to actually spread awareness and help this cruel industry… thanks!”

Another added: “This is horrific. Please get this bear to an animal sanctuary. Please educate yourself and stop exploiting animals. Set an example for your millions of followers, PLEASE.”

And a third commented: “Why support animal entertainment? These animals are stolen from the wild and are forced to live unnaturally, often undergoing abuse.

“God forbid if she would’ve attacked you, she most likely would have been euthanised for displaying her natural behaviour in an unnatural setting. Ethically speaking, this is wrong. We wouldn’t like to be in her place. Please educate yourself and use your platform for good.”

Someone else made a suggestion: “With all the money you have and show off, perhaps you could do something good and purchase this bear from its abusers, work with a bear rehab / sanctuary organisation and set it free, rather than perpetuating its abuse. That would definitely get you some Instagram likes too!”

Others (who clearly didn’t get it) wished him a ‘happy 4/20’ with another saying they wanted a ‘cute bear’.

What do you think?