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YouTuber Has No Qualms About People Sexualizing Her ASMR Videos

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Let’s start off with what’s ASMR for those who haven’t heard about it. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is a phenomenon that ignites the tingling sensation in your body that relaxes you and people just love it.

Sabrina Vaz, 20, is a YouTuber who knows all about it because she actually makes a living out of it. She earns enough through her ASMR videos by sharing them on various social media accounts. She knows that there are people who sexualize her videos and she doesn’t really mind it.

She said: “I guess some people sexualize ASMR because speaking softly and whispering can be sensual and probably things people do in the bedroom when you have to be quiet but I don’t look at ASMR in that way, I also don’t mind if some people do, to each their own.

“In the comment section, there is clearly some sexualization. Along with some DM’s and emails I receive, nothing happens I just ignore them.

“I’m assuming the people that say the sexual things in the comments are the ones who sexualize it, I’m just making ASMR videos, if people want to make it sexual I have no control over it, I’m definitely not trying to sexualize myself, when I’m making the videos i think of trying to relax people and that’s it.”

When it comes to requests she receives from people, Sabrina said: “I have gotten some weird requests! Nothing too bad though, a lot of foot fetishes and requests to eat popsicles in ASMR.”

She had been making these videos for two years now and it consumes 30 minutes to film the videos and another 30 to edit them.

She regularly posts videos where she is acting in different roles which is something she ‘loves’.

She went on: “It makes it super fun for me and lets my creative side play, plus I know role plays are usually the audience’s favourite.

“My family think it’s great! Sometimes they’ll joke with me by whispering and asking how YouTube is going or tapping on things and giggling since they know what ASMR is about and obviously have watched a few videos since I’ve started.

“ASMR is popular because it works! I know some people don’t understand it but for those of us who do, we watch because it really does put you to sleep and ease stress and anxiety!”

When it comes to the money-side of things, Sabrina revealed: “I make ad revenue and occasionally I do sponsorships. [I earn] enough to support myself & sometimes spoil myself with vacations, clothes, makeup, salon appointments etc (the things I love) I do still live at home!”