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Couples Slammed After They Posed For A Photograph While Hanging From A Moving Train

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A couple who shared a photo of them kissing while hanging from a moving train in Sri Lanka were heavily criticised by people.

The couple, Jean and Camille from Brussels who left their job to travel the world share their adventures on Instagram. However, their latest stunt didn’t go down too well with people. The image shows the couple locked in an embrace as they hang on from the side of the moving train over a bridge.

The image was apparently taken by Camille’s brother who was travelling with the couple. Though, it looks amazing, people felt it was dangerous and life threatening and rightly so.

One commenter branded their actions “stupid” and told them that it was “risky behaviour”. Another told them “this is how people die”.

Another angry voice yelled: “This is literally how people are forever remembered as people who died posing for Instagram,”

And they just kept coming in as another said: “Problem is a lot of young idiots will try to repeat it now.”

The couple have been sharing their images since June 2017. It all started from South America, where they stayed for five months. The couple do a bit of freelance work to support their travelling.

Let’s just hope the couple enjoy their journey and stay away from such risky acts.