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Restaurant Faces Wrath From Customers For Sharing ‘Inappropriate’ Pictures Of Food Blogger

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Karylle Banez associated with Fine and Fettle restaurant in Adelaide to promote their new menu. But, she would have never imagined that her images would grab unwanted attention from people.

The restaurant was slammed by customers for using ‘inappropriate’ photographs of food blogger. At least, that is what some of the customers felt like. The eatery had shared an image of the blogger while wearing a white bralette.

One critical follower wrote: “It’s meant to be promoting a restaurant not a night club. Nothing against the girl she is stunning but I don’t think it’s the right image for a restaurant.”

A second critic said: “Sorry but this doesn’t give the restaurant a good look what’s with the girl in the bra.”

A third lashed out with a particularly scathing comment: “I was under the impression it was a restaurant/cafè…not a Gentlemen’s club.”

While another put: “Hot or not, blogger / influencer or not , beautiful person or not… lingerie is not appropriate dining attire.”

A spokesperson for Fine & Fettle hit back, claiming they were ‘shocked’ by the reaction and that it ‘wasn’t appreciated’.

They said: “We’re a little shocked at the negative comments that have been put up. It was never our intention to offend, however, we also do not appreciate this type of offensiveness from our community.

“Our food does and has always spoken for itself. We are simply promoting our nights and sharing Karylle’s experience at Fettle.

“Before commenting we’d appreciate if you had some thought on the fact this is a real person, with real feelings. Thank you.”

Fine and Fettle chef Sam Worrall-Thompson, said that Karylle was invited to sample the new dinner menu. He also explained that the restaurant doesn’t have a strict dress code and said that customers should not be abused for what they wear.

“The online bullying that Karylle has experienced as a result of her outfit is absolutely unacceptable,” he told.

Meanwhile, a few people defended the blogger and supported her. One person wrote: “She’s famous on Instagram and goes to all different restaurants around Adelaide doing the same thing. Grow up and get over it people.”

Another said: “Women should be supporting one another, not bringing each other down, there is enough negativity in the world!”

While a third person added: “Look amazing girl. So does the food #nohate #girls empowering girls.”

What’s your take on the whole issue?