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Woman In Perth Under The Radar For Stealing S*x Toy

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Perth police have been tasked with finding the woman who was seen stealing a s*x toy. The incident was caught in a camera in an adult store. It should be noted that some of the sex toys can be really expensive.

The plea for information has been uploaded to the Perth District Police Facebook page where people have been revealing just how dirty their minds can get.

“I’m sensing a lot of negative vibes here. She obviously just wanted a buzz. I’m sure she thought long and hard about it,” wrote one person.

“But did the batteries come with it?” said another.

The estimated worth of sex toy industry around the world reaches to $15 billion. It is likely to go up in the coming day as people have started to accept it, which means you could be seeing more of these thieves.

An average sex doll ranges between $2000 and $10,000 and it is no surprise why this woman was tempted into stealing one of the toys. One company even charges a staggering $10,000 just for the head of the toy.