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Woman Gives Up On Her Vegan Diet After Sticking To It For 15 Long Years

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Nicole Carter, 44, strictly followed vegan diet for 15 years before switching to a carnivorous diet. She now only eats meat. She claims that her vegan diet deteriorated her immune system and also said that she now feels more energetic and healthier after changing her routine.

She began her vegan diet when she was 18 and followed it religiously. She also cut out sugar and alcohol, squeezed fresh juice, and even prepared her own dried flaxseed crackers.

However, she started to develop various problems and was eventually diagnosed with ilcerative colitis in 2012. That is when she had to switch to meat-based diet.

And now she feels good and even lost a bit of weight. She switched to eating red meat and also added eggs and bacon occasionally.

Nicole explained: “I had raging candida overgrowth, hair loss, joint pain, fatigue and insomnia. My blood tests showed almost non-existent levels of iron and Vitamin D. My hormones were low and my thyroid hormones were low despite natural supplements.

“I had gall stones and pancreatitis which led to gall bladder removal in 2006. I had chronic constipation, gas, bloating and eventually ulcerative colitis. I was hypoglycaemic. I had insomnia at night and no energy all day.

“I didn’t drink coffee, only organic green tea. I was depressed, had anxiety and felt lost as to how to improve my health.”

She continued: “I read about [diet researcher] Amber O’Hearn doing it [a carnivore diet] for mood disorder. I was curious if it would cure my autoimmune disease, ulcerative colitis.

“It is the elimination of all plant and non-animal foods. There are varying degrees, but most carnivores focus on beef and ruminant animals and add in pork, chicken, fish, eggs and dairy to some degree.

“It is extremely nutritious because the nutrients are all bioavailable as opposed to the nutrients in the plants which are bound by oxalates and phytates. It also eliminates foods that are destructive to the human gut such as fibre.”

She added: “People think that meat causes cancer, that it causes high cholesterol which may kill you, that it causes diabetes and that it is bad for the environment. None of this is true.

“The hard thing for most is eating enough. The other hard thing is the social aspect. Most people can’t wrap their head around it because of being told their entire lives that they need vegetables.

“My life is entirely better. My health is better, my gut, my energy and my mood. I also have a lot more time for other things now that I don’t spend all my time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. I also save a lot of money this way.

“All of the symptoms I mentioned before are gone. I no longer have a life-threatening disease nor any of the annoying symptoms or problems I had before. My autoimmune disease is gone and I am so grateful for what I have learned that got me here.”

The key is to have a balanced diet of all food groups. Just eat and stay healthy and seek advice whenever needed from experts.