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Asda Worker Falls For A Prank And Ends Up Saying ‘Tesco Is Cheaper’

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In a hilarious turn of events, a prankster managed to trick Asda worker into saying ‘Tesco Is Cheaper’ over store speaker.

Michael Bidgood ringed in with and complained about not being able to find his wife Tess Cosis-Chippa’, which sounds an awful lot like ‘Tescos is cheaper’.

Setting up the woman, Michael said: “Hi, I’ve just been shopping in your store with my wife.

“The issue is that we lost a set of car keys. I’ve just come back to the car and found them by the car.

“My partner left her phone in the car and I can’t get in touch with her.

“I was wondering if you could give her a quick shout on the Tannoy.

“Her name is Tess. It’s double barrelled. It’s Cosis-Chippa, it’s South African. OK, thank you very much. Bye.”

Of course, the unsuspecting woman didn’t twig and announced over the PA system: “This is a customer announcement. Can Tess Cosis-Chippa please come to the customer service desk.”

Now, that’s some real smart work there by Michael.

He said: “I could not stop laughing. I go in there every day for my lunch because I’m working on the new tram stop.

“As we were leaving, this lady shouted at us to come over and we had a laugh about it. I heard ‘excuse me’ and she came over and shook my hand saying, ‘you got me, a good one’. She found it hilarious.”

Michael says he wasn’t even aware his pal was recording him at first, but has since uploaded the clip to Facebook where it’s picked up hundreds of comments and likes.

He added: “I didn’t think it would get so many views and likes.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Asda told the: “As cheeky as this little prank was, when it comes to being cheaper, winning the Grocer 33 price award for the last 21 years running is all our customers need to know.”

Watch the hilarious video below: