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Man Buys Tarantuala To Keep His Mother-In-Law Away From Visiting

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In-laws can sometimes be very irritating, especially for men. They always look for reasons to escape from them, but not many would have gone to the extent of this man. The anonymous man explained that he lost it with his ‘insufferable’ in-laws while sharing his story.

His post read: “Privacy means nothing to them, and my wife refuses to set boundaries.

“They will come around every day unannounced to visit my wife/play with our kids. So not only do I never get a break from my mother-in-law’s constant nagging, I have no privacy from them.”

He added: “A few months ago she went crazy after a (wolf?) spider was simply in the corner doing nothing. Panic attack and all.”

It was then that the disgruntled husband had his light bulb moment and decided to get a new addition to the family home to put an end to their unannounced house calls.

He went on: “I got the idea to get a tarantula as a way to prevent her coming so often. It’s in a big enclosure in the living room.

“Asked wife beforehand if it’s okay, but didn’t tell her the motivation. Worked like a charm, the dad still comes but the mother can’t stand to be in the same house as it.

“She’s continued to ignore my concerns about boundaries for years, I don’t think I had a choice. Plus the tarantula makes a cool pet.”

He shared his story in the ‘Am I The Asshole?’, and asked other users if he should have come clean with his wife.

One person said: “It makes me think she really does want space from her mom, but doesn’t want the fallout of trying to get it.”

Another added: “I’m sure she’s aware of her mother’s arachnophobia and thought she could play dumb and have it be a win-win.”

Responding to the thread, a third user said they could totally see where he was coming from.

They wrote: “Good Lord ! And I thought my in-laws were too present in our lives … (my MIL is very nice but gosh one time suggested that when we have a house and kids that she’ll move in with us or in the garden to help, believe me I did NOT laugh, I need my privacy and any parent to be at least an hour drive away).”