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Senseless Tourists Throw Rocks At Innocent Panda In Chinese Zoo

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The unfortunate incident occurred in a zoo in China, where a giant Panda had to see some of senseless act from people who visited the zoo. In what looked like an attempt to wake up the animal, a tourist was seen throwing stones at unassuming creature.

Luckily, the rock missed the target and the animal didn’t really matter about what was happening. The act was recorded by an eyewitness who informed that they actually saw two people throwing things at the captive panda.

The shocked observer then uploaded the video to Weibo, which is sort of like Facebook or Twitter, but specific to China.

The observer explained that the intention was to wake up the animal. They even suggested that the zoo authorities could do much more to protect the animals from weird people.

Meanwhile, the zoo confirmed that the panda, called as Meng Da, is in a good condition and there is nothing to be worried about. It was also told that the authorities immediately rushed to the spot to stop these people from throwing stuff.

They also revealed that there are plans to renovate the panda enclosure, and said that they would expect people to be more “civilized’ while dealing with the animals.

Pandas are one of the national symbols of china, and are renowned for being a bit slow and lazy. In fact, when they’re not eating – which is half the day – they’re asleep.

In 2016, the giant panda was removed from the endangered list by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Watch the video below: