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Woman Looks To Cancel Custom Mug Order For A Disgusting Reason

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Some people are so prejudiced that it becomes really difficult to change their opinions. However, it’s fine as long as it doesn’t determine the capability of others. In this case, a woman tried to cancel her custom mug order just because the maker is autistic.

The woman asked for a refund after realising the seller was autistic. Not many would consider such a request. The seller politely explained that she would not be able to refund as it was a custom order and she had already started working on it.

The woman was in mood and soon the conversation got a bit heated. Explaining the background to their conversation, the seller said: “She ordered a set of four coffee mugs with blue glitter base and ‘addicted to pot’ on them. Decided to spend the night stalking me on Facebook and decided that I’m too autistic to do the order and called me retarded.

“BTW, the last time I posted anything about autism publicly was January. Every autism post had privacy settings on it, so she spent a long a** time on my account to be able to see any of them.”

The customer contacted the seller the day after she had placed the order requesting a refund, however, the seller said this would not be possible as it was a custom order and she had already begun applying the glitter.

Presumably a tad bewildered, the seller explained that she’d had more than 300 sales, had a five star rating and was more than capable of making the mugs.

Explaining her ill-founded reason for doubting the seller’s abilities, the customer said: “I found your business page on Facebook and saw your profile. There were several posts on it about ‘autism awareness’.

“I thought at first that it was in support of someone you know who is autistic, but I eventually came to realise that you’re the one with autism.

“My neighbour’s son has that and after observing his behaviours, I do not believe anyone with the disease would be able to properly make these mugs.”

Miraculously, the seller was able to refrain from inviting the customer to shove each of her four mugs up her a**e, instead calmly responding: “Each person with autism is different and has a different level of functioning. I’m very high functioning and am more than capable of making the items in my shops.”

Evidently unsure whether or not she’d been hideously ignorant and rude enough up until this point, the customer replied: “You’re all the same level of retard. Cancel the damn order.”

Now, what do you make of this?