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Aussie Influencers Slam Instagram’s Decision To Eliminate The Display Of Number Of Likes

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Instagram has announced that the app will start to hide the number of likes a person gets on their posts, and most of them were happy as they felt that it would make people to appreciate the quality and not the quantity.

However, a few were fuming about the latest development and not surprisingly those people were social media influencers. Most of these social media stars explained that the latest move would affect their way of making money. The move will be introduced gradually around the world.

Perth-based fitness and food influencer Jem Wolfe told: “They said they’re doing it to take the competition out of posting – I’m not in competition with anyone on Instagram, I’m here to run a business.

“They’re taking a tool away that’s really important for us. I’m still going to keep posting as much as before, but it’s demotivating for me.”

Jamey-Lee Franz, another influencer from Perth, added: “It’s going to be really hard for anyone who’s starting their account from zero or from a small following,” he said.

“For brands, they’re not going to be able to easily see that this person has this many likes and this much engagement.

“There’ll be no base to work with upcoming influencers.”

But there are other ways these social media ‘stars’ are able to show off their prowess to businesses, like engagement rate, impressions and reach.

Plus, when someone adds that their post is a paid partnership with a brand, then Instagram will link all the analytics to said brand. But people wanting to get into the business of being an influencer will be facing an uphill battle.

From yesterday, users will be able to see how many likes they get on their own posts but when they look at other people’s images it will just say a person’s username that you follow and then ‘others’.

Instagram Australia’s Director of Policy told the Aussie news network: “The idea is to just really let you focus on the content and the experience of engaging without being worried or feeling pressured over how many likes a post has received.”