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Florida City Plays ‘Baby Shark’ On Loop To Discourage Homeless People From Sleeping In Park

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Florida has turned to a strange idea to keep homeless people from sleeping outside by playing the children’s song ‘Baby Shark’ throughout.

Along with ‘Baby Shark’, even ‘Raining Tacos’ is also played outside the Waterfront Lake Pavilion, in West Palm Beach, a popular event spot, all through the night.

City spokesperson Kathleen Walter told that the music intends to discourage people from ‘congregating at the building’ and to ‘encourage people to seek safer, more appropriate shelter’.

She added: “The music volume complies with City code, and is a temporary measure, as we are exploring the possibility of having set hours for the Great Lawn and Pavilion.”

Mayer Keith James explained that the plan was introduced after people found ‘unsanitary things’ in the park – including human waste.

He told: “Workers in the morning were finding some unsanitary things, including human faeces, around the Lake Pavilion.”

The pavilion is a popular spot, which hosted 164 events in 12 months, including weddings.

Parks and Recreation director Leah Rockwell told the Palm Beach Post that people are paying ‘thousands of dollars’ to use the pavilion, so it’s important that it is kept clean.

She said: “We wanted to make sure people paying this money had a facility that was clean and open and continue to use it in the future.”

But the move has been slammed by many, who have branded it ‘immoral’ and ‘inhumane’.

Megan Hustings, interim director of the National Coalition for the Homeless, told that the weird idea doesn’t exhibit the concern from people who ‘are struggling through a very tough time’.

“Responding with this kind of discrimination and disgust instead of compassion is… really immoral. It’s disturbing,” she added. “We’re all humans, and we need to sleep.”

City commissioner Richard Ryles told Good Morning Tampa Bay: “There is a fine line between being humane and inhumane when trying to deal with the homeless.

“All of us are probably just one paycheck away from being homeless. And so, I [would] want someone to be compassionate with me.”

One homeless man who sleeps at the park said that he still spends the night at the park. But he gets to hear the same song on and on again.