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Pornstar Quits Adult Industry For Preaching At XXXChurch

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A former adult star gave up on her career in search of preaching at a church. Jenna Presley, a Pornhub star switched her career and announced that she and her husband Richard would be leading the, a Christian website looking to help people addicted to porn.

Former pastor Craig Gross apparently heard his Lord telling him to hand over the church to the former porn star. Ex Pornhub star Jenna who now goes by her real name, Brittni De La Mora, told the website “My husband and I will be the new faces of We are humbled and honored that God has called us to this ministry”.

Before her career in adult industry, she worked in a strip club to support her college tuition. She told: “I grew up in a broken household so I really didn’t know my value or my worth.

“I discovered early on that if I was naked in the presence of men that I was going to get what I didn’t get at home – and that was affirmation.”

Brittni said she enjoyed making adult films until she discovered she contracted a sexually transmitted disease: “I’d never gotten an STD in my life so I thought from that point on, ‘What am I doing in this business?'”

She then began abusing drugs like meth, cocaine and heroin to help her lose weight. She said: “I just reached a breaking point at my three-year mark [in porn].”

Despite falling into Christianity, she carried on making porn for a further three-and-a-half years after getting involved with a pimp. One day, she decided enough was enough.

“I went to go film a porn scene in Las Vegas and brought my Bible with me on the airplane and I was reading scripture,”

“At which point I really felt that [God was telling me], ‘Brittni, this isn’t the life that I have for you…know that I have something so much greater in store for you but I need you to give me a step of faith today. I need you to quit the industry and I promise you, your life is going to turn around.’

“So I quit the industry that day and I’ve been out since December 2012.”

She then married pastor Richard and co-authored a book called ‘Fire and Fresh’ which helps couples keep their relationship exciting.

“My husband and I believe the greatest relationship is the relationship with God and with each other,” she said. “If those relationships are on fire, everything else will be on fire.” I hope they keep an extinguisher handy.

So, what do you think about this strange switch?