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Man Who Went Without Trace For A Decade Finally Found Behind A Fridge At Supermarket Where He Worked

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A man’s body was found in a supermarket where he actually worked. He was found after 10 long years. The authorities said that the body was wedged behind a refrigerator in the local store. The man was 25 when he was reported missing in November 2009.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, along with the Iowa State Medical Examiner’s Office and Council Bluffs Police Department, announced that the body, which was found in January at the old No Frills Supermarket, he was identified as Murillo-Moncada, Sgt. Brandon Danielson with the Council Bluffs Police Department confirmed.

The identity was confirmed after the DNA matched with his parents. Also, he was wearing the clothes that matched the description of his outfit at the time he was reported missing.

His parents brought it to the notice of authorities after he ran out of their home as he was upset. It was also reported that he was behaving irrationally, possibly because of the medication he was taking.

Police said that he fell into an approximately 18-inch gap between the back of a cooler and a wall at No Frills Supermarket where he was working. The employees said that it was common for workers to be in the storage space above the coolers.

Investigators also explained that he climbed on top of the coolers where employees said they would use the space when they wanted to take an unofficial break.

Sgt. Danielson recalled that the weather conditions were extremely poor on the day the incident occurred. Murillo-Moncada had left his home without anything in his possession.

“It was a snowstorm at the time. He left with no shoes, no socks, no keys, no car,” he said, adding that Murillo-Moncada was not scheduled to work at the time he arrived at the supermarket.