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Boxer Maxim Dadashev Succumbs To Fatal Injuries During A Fight

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Boxer Maxim Dadashev was involved in an unfortunate incident and passed away because of the head injuries he sustained in fight. He was pitted against Subriel Matias.

The light-welterweight fighter was beaten in the 11th round in Maryland, USA.  Trainer Buddy McGirt stopped the bout after which the fighter found it difficult to get out of the ring. He had also vomited before losing consciousness.

Then he had a major brain surgery and the right side of his skull was removed to ease brain swelling after suffering a subdural haematoma. He was then placed in a medically induced coma, but died because of the injuries.

As expected, the fans and well-wishers were shocked and paid their tribute via twitter:

It was expected that he would ‘come back to normal life’ before the sad news was announced. His manager Egis Klimas was optimistic Dadashev would make a full recovery, saying: “Within the next couple of days the swelling should decrease. Let’s hope that the part of the skull will be put back in place.

“The doctor says that Max may come back to normal life.

“Right now, he’s in critical condition, but the doctor told me that he’s stable.”

Before the fateful fight, Dadashev had won all of his 13 bouts since his debut in 2016, with 11 of the wins coming by knockout.