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Man’s Bungee Jump Goes Horribly Wrong In Poland

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In an unfortunate incident, a man has broken his spine after his bungee harness was snapped during a 330ft jump in Poland. The 39-year-old man took a leap from the platform in Gydnia, Poland, when the harness broke.

The incident was captured on camera by onlookers. The video shows the man walking onto a crane, where he is the raised high up into the air above a crowd of spectators watching on below.

After jumping from the platform, the rope snaps off the straps attaching his ankles to the chord and he falls to the ground, landing on a large grey airbag. He was conscious after the incident and rushed to the hospital.

It was then understood that the man had a broken spine as well as other internal injuries. Luckily, the spinal cord was not injured in the incident and hence he is expected to move around once he is recovered.

A spokesperson for the company who organised the jump, Bungeeclub, said the man was in a ‘good condition’ when they left him.

Writing a post – translated into English – to its Facebook page, they said: “The most important – the health of the participant of the unfortunate jump is no serious danger. He didn’t break his spine!! After a medical examination at the emergency room, he was considered good.

“All equipment used by our company has all the required certificates. Jumps are carried out by qualified and experienced instructors according to all procedures.

“As the only bungee jumping company in Poland we use professional skokochronu – so-called. “Pillows”. And it was because of this and our foresightedness that there was no tragedy.”

A post later that day read: “We would like to inform you that when our instructor left the ER at night, the condition of the jumper was good.”

Krzysztof Kuśmierczyk, from the Gdynia police, told local news that officers had attended the scene and interviewed staff and witnesses.