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Trade Union Wants The Work To Be Paused When The Temperature Touches 30C

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People are experiencing one of the hottest weeks in recent times and the weather forecast indicates that the temperature could touch 37C.

However, things can be a little easy on you thanks to the Trade Union Congress (TUC) as there is a campaign for workers which is calling for workers to be sent home when it’s too hot.

The union wants the employees to be home when it reaches 30C or 27C for manual labour. The union also urged the employers should ‘adopt cooling measures’ when the workplace temperature hits 24C.

Unfortunately, as of now there is no official maximum or minimum temperature for the workplace. Guidelines set out by the Health and Safety Executive, however, state the temperature in all indoor workplaces must be ‘reasonable’.

Meanwhile, the TUC has drafted a list to help bosses take necessary measures. It includes allowing flexing working, keeping their buildings cool, relaxing the dress codes temporarily, keeping the staff comfortable, and talking and listening to their staff.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “While many of us love to see the sun, it’s no fun working in a baking office or a stifling factory. Bosses should do all they can to keep the temperature down.

“The easiest way for staff to keep cool inside is being able to work in more casual clothing. While shorts and vest tops may not be appropriate for all, nobody should be made to suffer in the heat for the sake of keeping up appearances.

“It’s in bosses’ interests to provide a cool and comfortable work environment. Workers who are unable to dress down in lighter clothing, or who work in offices without air-conditioning, fans or drinking water, are going to be tired, and lack inspiration and creativity.”