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Beach Lovers Face The Wrath Of Seagulls During Heatwave

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The tourists who were looking to have some relief at the beach were in for a surprise as the aggressive seagulls attacked people out of nowhere. People in London have been experiencing some extreme heat in recent times have thronged to beaches to pamper themselves.

The photos showed some tourists looking for cover as the seagulls were coming in hard on them. The incident comes just days after Rebecca Hill claimed her dog Gizmo was snatched by a bird in her garden in Paignton, Devon.

Hill had said: “It carried Gizmo a fair way as we couldn’t see him anymore. I have no idea if he was dropped or where he is now.”

Adding: “I’ve seen them take ducklings from a pond and swallow them whole, and that was just so upsetting.”

She requested people to check their roofs, in case the bird has dropped the pet, but there has been no updates on that front as of now.

Taking to Facebook, she wrote: “Please, please, please, anyone finds a chihuahua he’s mine, a seagull took him from my garden.

“Have a really upset 6-year-old missing her dog.”

Peter Rock, an expert on urban seagulls told that the birds will eat anything they can get down their throats.

He explained: “If they can get something down their throats then they will eat it.

“I’ve heard of pigeons and rabbits being eaten whole and they are capable of pulling them apart.

“Given the chance they will eat anything and this poor dog sounds about the size of a rabbit, but I do hope she gets him back.”

However, thankfully incidents such as this are rare, the RSPCA told the newspaper: “Our hearts go out to Gizmo’s family and we hope he is found soon and is OK.

“This must be extremely upsetting for the dog’s owner.

“Fortunately, these types of incidents are very rare and not typical gull behaviour.”