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Reaching Out To Ice Cold Water During Heatwave Can Actually Backfire

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We all tend to grab a bottle of ice-cold water to beat the intense heat and that is a natural phenomenon. However, it turns out that it can actually be a dangerous thing.

At least, this man in the US does feel that it does more harm than good. Though, the incident occurred last year, it might be a good thing to revisit it as a warning.

Adam Schaub, from Houston, Texas, was working outside with his father when the temperature had touched 37C. When his dad noticed Adam’s face turning pink because of heat, he asked him to take a break and relax.

When Adam took a bottle of cold water with the air conditioning on his truck, he almost immediately started to feel ‘strange’.

He said: “Honestly at the time I just felt like I had maybe worked a bit to hard sawing up trees and that I was sweating profusely from it.

“I had drank water earlier but apparently not enough to keep from getting myself sick. It was odd because after chugging both bottles of water my head went a bit foggy and I felt confused.

“I was sitting in my dad’s truck when it got real bad though. My hands and feet were tingling heavily as it they had just fallen asleep and my stomach was turning.

“I felt like throwing up so I opened the door to not do it in my dad’s truck.

“I attempted to stand down and apparently caught the ground with my face and no hands.”

Adam’s dad called an ambulance, and the paramedic immediately knew what had gone on.

Dr Sarah Jarvis, GP and clinical director of, said: “If you drink something very cold, very quickly, the cold on the roof of your mouth stimulates the nerves around there.

“That in turn leads to rapid contraction, then expanding of the tiny blood vessels in your sinuses.

“The brain interrupts the messages from these nerves as coming from your forehead, because the same nerve supplies your forehead.

“You usually get a sudden pain, but it can make you feel lightheaded.

“All the symptoms he’s describing sounds like the run-up to a fainting episode, which is often due to a lack of blood in the brain.

“Regardless of the cause, I do see people who feel unwell due to drinking cold fluids too quickly, so I certainly don’t recommend it.”

So, now you should know that you should drink water slowly and regularly through out the day in room temperature is often a good thing.